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The Benefits Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than just any other martial art. Jiu jitsu is a lifestyle and will change your life forever!


Jiu Jitsu is so much fun that you won't even realize that you're exercising, you will notice the transformation in your body however! Before you know it, you will begin to look better and feel even greater! You will get into shape and easily stay in shape all while blissfully enjoying the therapeutic training of Jiu Jitsu.

Stress Relief

If you ask any person who trains BJJ where are they happiest, I guarantee you the answer will be, on the mats! No matter what is bogging down your mind or what stress is on your shoulders, during training all of your anxieties fade away! The peace of training completely rids your mind of your worries. Also, training is a great way to let of steam because of the physically vigorous nature of Jiu Jitsu.


Although it may seem counter intuitive that participating in an exhausting sport would give you more energy, it is in fact, the truth. A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion stays in motion! Actively training several times a week can also be a fun way to replace the tedious workouts at the fitness gym. In addition, training can also give you more overall energy and better mental function for school or work.

self defense

As you first begin training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will quickly realize how little the average person knows and understands of how to protect themselves. Don't worry though, as you begin to learn the fundamentals you will know how to diffuse a threat and safely protect yourself because Jiu Jitsu is the most efficient combat system in the world.


Without a doubt the friendship and camaraderie that Jiu Jitsu offers to people is certainly the most beneficial aspect of the sport. From on and off the mats teammates, kids and parents alike begin to grow a sense of community and family. There's something about rolling together and trying to submit each other that just brings out the best in people!

Patience & Humility

In life and in Jiu Jitsu things don't always go our way. Jiu Jitsu teaches you to leave your ego aside because sometimes someone half your size will roll you into a pretzel and you won't even know how they're doing it. This is also the fun of Jiu Jitsu though, learning new things you've never seen before. Jiu Jistu is a lifelong journey and the average time to achieve a black belt is ten years, this certainly ingrains patience into us all. Let's enjoy the journey and even at black belt there's still so much more to learn, it never ends.

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Gym Member Reviews

Our Team Is A Family – Hear What Some Of Our Members Have Been Saying

I’ve been a student of Pantcho for about 8 years. My average weight is down about 20lbs without much diet change. My children have also been his students from 3rd grade all the way to high school. We consider him, his wife and child family because he cares so much more than just what you do on the mat. Go see him!
Jason Medina
Brown Belt
I have been a part of Checkmat for the last 10 years! It has been a source of joy and stability in my life! The friendships I have developed here are amazing, my teammates are like my brothers and sisters. The instruction here is world class and checkmat has developed over 50 world champions in jiu jitsu! I have been fortunate to grow here and even teach alongside Pantcho the head instructor who also is a world champion. If you live in the inland empire or riverside county look no further than Checkmat Murrieta to train brazilian jiu jitsu!!!!
Ryan Golgosky
Black Belt
I came from a different gym, skeptical about switching instructors. As a blue belt, this was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only do you get to join all the benefits of becoming a Checkmat team member but you get one of their best instructors. You also get top notch training from your teammates that immediately become like family. I received my purple and then my brown belt under Pantcho but I also received 5 competition medals. I have done more in this sport than I could have ever imagined due to the environment this gym provides.
Allen Lohr
Brown Belt
Top level Jiu Jitsu from one of the best Jiu Jitsu teams in the world. Professor Ricardo Pantcho Feliciano and his coaches are top notch. The amount of time and energy he puts into his students and program is second to none. I've been a part of this team for 4 years and would recommend it to anyone.
James Rini
Blue Belt

Our Jiu Jitsu family

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Orange County International Open

February 9th, 2019 - Costa Mesa, USA

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February 17th, 2019 - Long Beach, USA

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March 3rd, 2019 - Azusa, USA

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March 20th*, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th,

San Jose International Open

April 13th & 14th, 2019 - Saratoga, USA


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